Today’s demanding business environment has made cost-cutting the top priority for many companies. ECOSYS printers and MFPs are the perfect choice for reducing costs. Conventional printers and MFPs require periodic replacement of major parts. Specially designed for extended service life, the ECOSYS printers and MFPs were created from KYOCERA’s original ECOSYS concept — an approach that combines superior environmental performance and cost-effectiveness. ECOSYS printers and MFPs reduce the frequency of part and toner replacement, giving companies clear cost cutting benefits.


The idea that compact office equipment can only offer basic performance is a thing of the past. ECOSYS printers and MFPs enable smooth workflows by maintaining ideal performance even when shared by multiple users. The compact design of the ECOSYS printers and MFPs lets you install them anywhere in the office. Their durable components provide stable operation, and they feature multiple functions that can do a wide range of office work. A single ECOSYS product can improve work efficiency even when shared by multiple users.


ECOSYS printers and MFPs are as friendly to the office environment as they are to the global environment. Their environmental technology minimises unpleasant sounds and odours during operation. This technology is the distillation of many years of accumulated KYOCERA expertise. The ECOSYS work environment helps workers focus on their work even in small offices that have printers or MFPs installed near desks. The minimal part replacement frequency and energy-saving design of the ECOSYS printers and MFPs helps reduce CO2 emissions.


Since its inception in Japan, KYOCERA has expanded into a truly global company having sales and R&D bases in over 31 countries, and a sales record that spans over 140 countries. KYOCERA’s original ECOSYS concept of environmentally friendly products that generate outstanding cost performance is what has made this growth possible. For more than a quarter-century, we have been accumulating technical expertise designed to provide environmental and cost benefits. Our successes have received acclaim in a large number of countries where the ECOSYS concept has had a successful track record.